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HopeGirl 2012 – From the people for the people of earth


CALL TO ACTION – Change of Human Collective Operating Sytem

Inelia Benz – call to action

Inelia Benz has posted a call to action, saying that Source, Gaia and the Planetary Council needs volunteers to become conduits for the new OS to enter our Human Collective.

We need volunteers who speak every modern language on the planet. Spanish, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Portuguese… in short, YOUR MOTHER TONGUE. If you are reading this article, it means you are personally being asked to partake in this download.

She provides a set of instructions to follow for the following Saturday after reading the article

See the article  here

Cobra Day of Decision 21 October 2012 – second window of opportunity

Cobra event

Cobra has highlighted the second window of opportunity for global liberation. He has called for a mass activation day between 21 and 22 October (depending on where you are).

Read the article here

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