Changing the transit paradigm – flexing your routes

Here is another example of the need to shift our current transit paradigm. More on Personal Rapid Transit, this time in Los Angeles. A consortium of design and transit people (Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc], The Architect’s Newspaper and LA Metro in LA) have recently addressed the challenge.

“That’s the crux of our idea: leveraging existing data streams to optimize the public transit system”

This is particularly fitting for a city like LA given its evolution of sprawl with consequent car based transit. Current transit technology has not solved their issues of needing increased ridership to make the system pay or to diminish dependence on oil with attendant problems of pollution and congestion.

This particular video and accompanying article hightlight flexible routes as opposed to our current fixed route solutions. Flexible routing is an attribute of packet based networked type solutions. Got a problem on the route? Just reroute to the next most effective one to get there. These new transit paradigms mean changing how we think about transit. Words like on demand, automated, flexible, unsubsidised, “leveraging existing data streams” will now enter the language of transit as never before.

Read the full article here


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