Keshe Foundation – Interview September 21

Keshe Foundation

Stirling Allan of interviewed MT Keshe and Konstantin Meyl following their September 21 presentation. The Keshe Foundation will be delivering its preordered 5kw energy devices in December. Also, a demo of the gravity-modification technology is scheduled for Dec. 14. with three U.S. astronauts from Moon missions expected to attend.

Here is the amateur video

Interviews with MT Keshe and Konstantin Meyl After September 21, 2012 Event

There are a number of interesting points to note, not so much about the technology achievements themselves but things happening in the background.

Check out for example what Keshe has to say at 8:35 on the vid. If I understood him correctly he is saying that his sponsors in Belgium have him in “open prison” and that they are hiding the technology, at least in Belgium. Nothing is getting out in the mainstream news there, or anywhere else for that matter. He also refers pointedly to the “predelictions” of his sponsors. It does create the impression that someone in the background is hanging on for grim death to try and control this, despite the fact that the horse has bolted, the cats are unbagged and the milk is spilt.

A further significant point comes out of Stirling Allan’s interview with Konstantin Meyl. In his ongoing discussion of wireless transfer of energy, Meyl made it clear that one of the major problems they were having to solve was the ability to “individualize” transmissions. This was so that they could individually meter the beam stream. So, it could be that if they were not trying to monetize this technology, things could be in place far sooner than his estimated 14 year implementation for mainstream use.

This raises the sticky issue of the commercialization of free energy technology. As was pointed out often in the interview with Meyl, no-one wanted to go first and take the risk. That was just like saying, “no one wanted to go first when they had not figured out how to make it pay”. While that is a legitimate concern using our current commercial paradigm (investors need return on their investment), is it not time for this to change?

In a world that has abundance and the ability to meet all our life needs and more, why do we need to hold up technology for the sake of investment return? This would illustrate the greater problem of releasing our dependance on the devices we have relied on to date. So we have a choice. Receive a replicator device that can provide you with all your life needs but let go of your reliance on your money – hmmm… tough choice for some, especially those with lots of it.

Just to be clear this is not about giving up money. It is about giving up reliance on it and taking up the belief in abundance. This will be a great topic for further discussion since it is something that will need to be addressed in a golden age economy.


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