How we had our home built and got around in 3 years time from now

We lived in what was formerly a poor suburban environment. We had never been able to afford to buy a house since our income had been so low. Often we had no income. Our enlightened government had allocated land for housing people like us. The land was made available from farm land donated as no longer required for food production. Since we got the replicators we didn’t need to disturb the land for food production. The land was able to recover really fast.

Our government did not receive taxes any more. All their workers are volunteers since they no longer need income to live. All public services are provided free. Some money is used for payment of private contracted services but not much. This is because there is such an abundance of available skill and so not many require actual money payment. Nobody needs to spend like we used to.

The government also passed laws that allowed creative commons rights to reproduction or replication of any products or works provided authorship was attributed.

We have been able to support ourselves for our direct needs using our in-home replicator, that was food, clothing and pretty much anything else we needed. We volunteered our labour in setting up the housing subdivision although even there, not much labour was needed.

Much of the machinery required for the subdivision and housing development was replicated. That machinery used free energy, anti-gravity and advanced robotic technology with varying degrees of Artificial Intelligence embedded. The advanced robotic technology was already in place a few years back but just needed the portable energy units to drive them. So now we had a lot of “droids” roaming around just like in Star Wars. This allowed the subdivision and housing builds to proceed very quickly

The house itself including the foundations was made from replicated modular components. We were able to pick styles and living area components from a menu of standardised parts but there were enough variations in design to allow us to create our own custom look.

Furnishings and fitting were also replicated at the nearby replication facility. Again we were able to pick and choose from a menu. That was a story in itself seeing how that replication facility was built. A big truck pulled in one day with a great big container type device on the back. We were told that was a mobile teleport. They just started porting all the parts for the replication facility and assembling it. Within a month it was in place churning out all sorts of building materials and fittings. Then they just ported them from there straight to the building sites. No transport needed. I guess they could have ported them from one central point if they needed to but they felt it was better to have localised replication facilities. This allowed locals to upskill in their use.

The droid builders were programmed for quick build so they were able to operate 24/7 all weather. The whole subdivision with over 100 housing builds was completed in under 3 months. It was quite strange, near bizarre at first, to watch ten houses go up simultaneously in one weekend.

Our subdivision also included an elevated guide-way for the Personal Rapid Transit line running 10 miles  into the City and back. It ran 3-4 person automated pods point-to-point. It had stations every 1/4 mile or so and all we had to do was climb some stairs or take the lift up 10 feet and press a button to call the pod. We would then punch in a destination and a pod would come and pick us up just like a personal cab. Not much waiting. Longest I have had to wait so far is 3 mins. I was told the automated system runs usage and time probability stats and seems to “know’ when and where demand will be.

We really did not need a car since we were able to use the PRT line to get to our local mall only 3 miles down the line and it even went straight into the shopping center. This was an easy thing for it to do because the guide-way was only one meter wide, very light weight and could be bolted onto the side of a building as well.

When we needed to get to the city it only took us 20 minutes. This was because the trip was point-to-point with no delays. The podcars themselves had anti-gravity devices so they did not actually run attached to the guide-ways. They were tethered to them by tractor beams emanating from beacons attached to the guide-ways. The tractor beams were like reverse anti-gravity beams causing objects to be attracted rather than pushed away.

We were told that in the next generation versions the guide-ways would be removed and we would only have beacons located on poles along the route. There would be multiple virtual lanes with multiple pods running along them. Those lanes however could spiral horizontally like a cork screw. I tried to imagine what that would look like. I came up with something like those swarms of starling birds that fly so very closely together but never hit each other but all moving together in the same direction.

And then I was told that when humans started to use the teleporter then even that pod form of transport would probably phase down. After which I had to have a cup of tea and a lie down.


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