Free Energy – big boxes and little boxes

The current paradigm for energy is large centralised power production facilities connected to a large grid network. Power is literally pumped via the line network to the consumer from these facilities.

In a new paradigm a possible ideal model would be a highly distributed network with power production located in a little black box sited at the consumption point – e.g. little black boxes plugged into the home.

As I mentioned in our Goal 1 contingencies and assumptions, we are assuming we have both the free energy and replicator prototypes ready to go. No more development required other than future enhancements.

If the little black box can be fitted with a simple plug in device for no hassle installation, the main issue would be time taken to mass produce and then distribute our little black boxes. We might think that mass production and distribution would take some time to set up including any requisite supply chain in support. Certainly not a 3 month exercise. If so then a possible scenario would be to create bigger boxes that just plugged into the existing power production facilities – or even a more distributed model where several smaller black boxes were installed somewhat like sub stations.

So we are talking hundreds possibly thousands of big or biggish black boxes versus hundreds of thousands to millions of boxes for every household in a given area. Presumably less production involved in doing that.

While that does sound like a practical solution based on our current supply chain, mass production and distribution methodologies, I wonder if we cannot do better. If we do indeed have replicator technology, then mass production and the supply chains associated with that become a non issue. Distribution becomes a key issue from that perspective albeit not the only one. But even there, if we distribute the replicator technology regionally and locally, it could certainly speed up any distribution issue.

So what are we talking here – replicators creating replicators creating black boxes with a repeat of that process massively world wide? Hmmm… I would love to see the math on that. But as with any such mathematical model I would also love to see the counter-intuitive, intended consequence / unintended consequence models that come out of system thinking. For example, the intended consequence would be to go fast and hard on the production and distribution of both black boxes and replicators. The unintended consequence, unless we cover it off, could be that people either do not know how to use the replicator technology properly or abuse it. This could result in a fear back lash or loss of confidence and therefore failure in uptake of the technologies.

For this reason any production and distribution has to be accompanied by the education process. This is why we need to have the learning centers, demonstration sites an ongoing communication, media campaigns and support for the users.


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