Spirit projects

I recently visited Cobra’s site here and found a very interesting article on hopegirl2012.

The article contains a request

I have been asked to come up with tangible solutions to help transition our world from the systems we have in place now to the systems we will have in place in the Golden Age. As we are all connected, despite our perceived differences, it would be foolish for me to think that I can undertake such a colossal task on my own. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CALL OUR FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. Humanity needs your help. This is your window of opportunity to contribute to the co-creation of our collective future. Please act now! This call is very real, very serious and incredibly important. Think of it in this way: What if the leaders or your country actually came to you with the problems we were all facing, and asked you to come up with a solution that they would actually implement? This may be hard to imagine as it has been so long since our voices have been heard and taken seriously.

As a result I set out a brief outline of solutions. I will post further detailed submissions as requested by her by 24 September.

Here is my start on this

Goal 1

Simultaneously develop, produce, distribute and embed a set of core technologies covering

  • free energy – household plug-in type black box, tuned initially to minimum 5-10kw per average size household
  • replicator technology – replicate food, clothing and materials for general living – reduce dependency on money. Possibly tune replicators for basics first and increase capability to synchronize with shifting the economy into its new paradigm. This would be necessary to work in with industries as they become redundant
  • new communication technology – high speed communications worldwide
  • new transport technology – anti-gravity, tele-portation, new transport paradigms. Facilitate shift from oil based transport

High level steps

Step 1 – Leadership

Establish guiding leadership with small groups of envisioned people connected across say 7 locations around the globe – i.e. 7 regional groups connected globally

Leadership groups take on responsibility for establishing

  • learning centers for new technology, especially replicator technology. Fast education in replicator technology will be required to offset redundancies in complete supply chain for oil and food displaced by replicators and free energy.
  • production and distribution networks for fast scaling and deployment of technologies.
  • Interfacing and facilitating all collaborative efforts with relevant authorities and entities required
  • communication of core technologies, their benefits and overseeing the change processes required to shift to core technologies

Step 2 – Establish demonstration sites

  • set up centers to display core technologies
  • develop communication processes, campaigns, media distribution to create high exposure to core technologies, their use and benefits

Step 3 – Implementation

  • establish production and distribution sites for first core technologies – free energy units and replicators
  • establish city wide then rural wide communication networks, initially possibly plugging into and augmenting existing technology
  • pickup new transport paradigms eg. Personal Rapid Transit and develop using new core technologies – this would involve using low profile guide-ways and tethered transport pods, shifting to semi tethered pods operating on multi-line virtual corridors linked to guide-ways eventually to beacon only guide-ways.
  • develop and implement teleportation technologies simultaneously with “hard” transport technology shifting goods only. Evolve to transporting biological goods and eventually humans. This will involve and change process of trust in this new technology.

Contingencies and assumptions

  • Core technologies are already prototyped and ready for production
  • Mass production techniques including the use of replicator technology are available and can be put into place quickly
  • Authorities and entities are ready and willing to collaborate on the required scale and with the required speed. This will be partially dependent on the earlier steps relating to education, demonstration and change management.


Establish leadership

3-6 months

Establish demonstration sites

9 – 12 months

Set up production and roll out distribution – use MIDWAY strategy – Massive International Deployment Within A Year

1 year


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